Day 1 Alpha testing

So today i played the packaged version of my game.

I found a few little errors here and there and have made changes to smoothen them out. There are still some minor things in there and i wish to not upload so many version in future. But to be honest i am learning. For this game i downloaded alot of extra audio files and such. This has caused the file size to be much larger than expected. So i attempted to cut out any unused files. However this has created more issues then it solved, So i have re added the files back into the game and decided to stick with what i have only cutting as i know its not used.

This will be a pain. But at least now i know it is best to add as you use them, not add everything and select from that.....

So main goal right now is to keep polishing the alpha version 1 untill i am happy with it. I need to add 3-5 side quest into the game still so thats on my plate aswell.

I may start the draft to the 3rd city but will be taking it easy on the run upto X-mas.


FuF Alpha 1.2.rar 677 MB
Dec 03, 2017

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