A downloadable game for Windows

Frania United Forces (F.u.F) is a old school RPG i am making with the RPG maker MV engine. This is a project i am working on as a hobbie to get a better understanding of all the little things that is required to make a game from a design level. It is helping me work on graphic design and code at the same time, just on a much smaller scale.

I aspire to be a inde game dev who is able to make a finished product that is avaliable to the public.

This is one of my very first steps torward my goal. Any feedback / people who have interest in thios porject please speak up. Feedback helps me alot and there is plenty of work i can outsoucre if anyone is looking to get into this kind of thing.

Install instructions

Once you have downloaded the file you need to unzip the folders. Winzip is a easy option if unsure. Once unzipped just run the Game.exe file.


Fuf Alpha 2.1.rar 247 MB
Fuf Alpha 2.0.rar 246 MB
FuF Alpha 1.2.rar 677 MB

Development log